Art Jamming

Why Art Jamming?




Are you desiring for a stop in hectic and stressful lives? Or are you exploring a new hobby? 

Art will be one of the ways to release pressure, and to discover your inner self.



Our studio in Kwun Tong offers a comfortable environment with the harbour and city views. You and your friends can draw and create your paintings in an enjoyable space. There is no limited style and content for your painting, so you can just unleash your creativity and artistic self.



In this artistic environment, you can forget about all the pressure and burden from your hectic life. You can just focus on art jamming and relax in these two hours. It is a great chance to let yourself recharge from busy and stressful lives.  

What We Provide


We provide you all the materials so you can just come and complete your drawing.


If you don’t have any special preferences, our tutor will offer you advice and prepare a series of art sources such as the photos of beautiful sceneries and cute animals.

Instructor -

MeTime brings the most relevant and talented artist in Hong Kong to mentor you. 

Terena 是香港本土藝術家,熱愛街頭藝術創作;更是一位藝術教育家至今,她在社區、學校、街頭、餐店等不同地方已完成多於50件的街頭藝術作品,更嘗試誇出香港,參與其他國家的Street Art 比賽和壁畫創作,包括美國及意大利,為自己在藝術的道路上注了強心,並藉此與各國街頭藝畫家交流。

She is a Hong Kong-based painter and an art educator. She has never stopped creating in the past six years. On her way to become a street art artist, so far, she has participated and completed more than 50 community art projects, street art works, 3D mural paintings and 3D floor painting in Hong Kong, USA and China individually and in group paintings. 


Stair Paint in Ngong Ping 360 entrance
Retrospection of "sunrise", Tissue paper on canvas
Stair Paint in Whampoa, Hong Kong

Students Shout Out


Our art jamming session is held from 4pm to 6pm on every Saturday. 

The price is $350/person. For more information, get in touch.

Studio Rental

MeTime offers studio leasing service as well. Click and read more.